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Annabel Niekirk


Annabel’s work is primarily concerned with discovering tangibility in an increasingly digital world. Located in the realm of photography, her work attempts to bridge gaps between digital and analogue, and the moving and still image. Heavily involved in its process, the work combines smartphone technology with darkroom chemistry. Through this it attempts to both reveal and conceal sensitive personal information. The results are one-off, original images that are conversely informed by digital data, an infinitely reproducible and controlled phenomenon. This sparks a dialogue relating to friction between elements of chance and control, which in turn play into the distinctly contemporary anxieties that permeate the work. The images simultaneously share and obscure personal idiosyncrasies. Yet they also speak more generally of digital privacy, predictable patterns of data in terms of location and so on. Privacy, or lack thereof, as a result of data mining and location tracking is a current and distinct issue. The work asks; can you take back control over what is shared, what is used and how your data is viewed?

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