O turner The clay that spluttered the mouth, 2016 ediit
Olivia Turner - on page full bleed + text
Living Language, 2015

Olivia Turner


Olivia Turner’s practice encompasses sculpture, video, performance and drawing. Her work is deeply rooted within the idea of knowledge gained through making. Turner’s presence is felt throughout her work, gaining elemental understandings of material and matter through the haptic, primitive validations of touch and observation. Turner explores the communicative, pre-linguistic capacity and material memory of clay, whereby words are translated and shaped into material, non-verbal forms. Her work focuses on the authenticity of touch, in an attempt to recover a direct experience of the world around us. Olivia Turner’s recent exhibitions include: ‘DECAPOD – AirSpace Gallery 10th Birthday’, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, and ‘Circus Between Worlds’, Glasgow International.

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