hiraeth detail 2

Nigel Morgan


Being Landscape: The Landscape is a creation of and by ourselves and our imagination. It is ‘the peculiar moment of being present to perception [the] ‘matter of experience’… the materiality of what is otherwise an ephemeral and contingent snatch of lived experience.’ J. J. Marshall, p202, Landscape Theory. 2008.
In Welsh the word hiraeth offers a way into understanding our yearning for the elusive something that nature and landscape means to us; analogous to an unattainable longing for a place, or perhaps a person, the language of landscape becomes metaphoric to an emotional language of the soul. The language of landscape is a language of loss, of distance, of longing, and the more we try to define it the less clear it becomes.
Landscape is made and it is the mediator by which nature has been perceived as something other. This continues to be a cultural problem: the measurement and technological representation of landscape reinforces an anxiety over our distancing from nature; however now, in the Anthropocene, everything is landscape and landscape can re-connect us to nature, it is a real material connection.
This work is an attempt to understand this longing, through the use of nature, the matter of landscape.