Yein Son

Yein Son

Chasing the Light

Silver metallic strings and nails

Nocturne 3.12

Indian ink on fabrics

My work is the trace left by my responses, experimental yet respectful, to this space in this time in this place.
Chasing the Light is like a race for drawing the shapes and lines of the light coming through the windows into the space every moment in a day. I chase and trace the silver lining of sunlight.

Nocturne 3.12: Every night after work, the nocturnal air inspires. In this city of wind and clouds, the sky is creating different textures and changing quickly each time. With this, I am expanding the energy of the nature of painting through my improvising gestures by using ink marks and experiments within painting.

My painting is also closely connected to my investigation into the possibilities of what I call the multiple picture planes where what is seen occurs simultaneously on the surface, in the surface and the reverse of the surface.