Helen Shaddock

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My work alludes to the complex struggle to achieve a level of equilibrium and balance in present-day society. It is rooted in contemporary experience in both an emotional (feelings and thoughts) and physical (materials and situations) sense.  I enjoy embracing a diverse range of processes, techniques and materials. This variety maintains my engagement in an intuitive process of discovery and playful investigation of ‘stuff’; acts of transformation whereby found materials are appropriated, re-appointed with new purposes, and sometimes combined with wholly handmade elements. This can also include working in response to ‘found’ sites or situations, be that within a gallery-based or a non-art context.

 Vital questions, collisions and challenges within the work are: the potential of contradiction in which, for example, repulsion and attraction can co-exist; the transformative process; the notion of play; the inclusion of pre-existing and unfamiliar objects; the role of colour and variations of scale. Formal qualities such as balance, composition and rhythm help to form connections and conversations between individual works within the space they inhabit.

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Helen Shaddock graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2008 with a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art: Sculpture and Environmental Art. Shaddock regularly exhibits work in both solo and group exhibitions, has been involved in exhibitions nationally and internationally, has taken part in a number of residencies, has gained funding grants from a range of sources and her work is in a number of public and private collections. Shaddock has been awarded with a Graduate Studio at The NewBridge Project, which will commence in September 2016.

Recent exhibitions include:

  • TRIGGER (2016), a site responsive sound installation at Kielder Water and Forest Park;
  • Funnelvision (2016), a performance as part of Circus between Worlds, a project by Zoe Walker and Neil Bromwich at Glasgow International, Gi2016;
  • A Third Exhibit (2015), a commissioned collaborative installation for the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle as part of The Late Shows;
  • Slipstream (2015), a durational performance as part of DRAFTING at BALTIC 39, Newcastle.






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